Prepare payment voucher (PV) with WHT

If the invoice has WHT, you will need to choose the type of WHT. TAP will automatically calculate the WHT amount for this invoice.

Note: TAP currently supports only the first condition of the payer method which is deducted at source.

Note: WHT amount = Amount * % of chosen WHT type

Note: If you are using a different roundup method, you can edit the last 2 digits of the WHT amount.

After selecting the type of WHT, you will see the “Paid Tax From” dropdown menu appear.

You can select other accounts for WHT or use the default account as set up in Settings.

After you have checked and finished everything in this screen, there are 3 possible actions:

  1. Make Payment

Click “Next” to move on to the screen “preparing the withholding tax certificate”.  You will be able to come back to the PV screen to review or modify something if the payment has not been made yet.

  1. Print

If you are not ready to make a payment or if you need someone to review and approve your payment voucher, you can choose to print the payment voucher and send to an approver.

  1. Save and Close

If you are preparing the payment voucher in advance, you can click “Save and Close” to keep your work in the Draft Payment Vouchers.