Bank Accounts

Similar to the Purchases module, the Bank Account module shows those payments that have already been made and that have had withholding tax calculated.  TAP retrieves all bank accounts from Xero which could be – petty cash, saving account or current account.

To change the bank account, you can click on “Change Bank Account” and select the bank account that you would like to work on.

After that, all transactions belonging to the selected account will appear on the screen.  TAP only shows transactions that haven’t been reconciled.  You can select a transaction to generate the payment voucher and withholding tax certificate by clicking the “Next” button.  You can also select multiple transactions by ticking more than one checkbox.

When the checkbox is ticked, the transaction line expands. From here you can select the type of WHT you need.  The WHT base will be calculated based on this selection.

The user must double check the correctness of the WHT base.  If the WHT base calculated by TAP is not the amount that you are going to use you can manually re-enter the WHT base.  The WHT amount will then be re-calculated.

If the WHT amount matches the net paid, the green tick will be displayed along the top.  TAP will know if the selected transaction is valid from this green tick.

A green tick is required for all selected transactions otherwise the “Next” button remains disabled.

If the selected transaction has WHT, TAP will move on to the next page which is the “Withholding Tax Certificates” page.  On this page you can choose the type of form required between PND. 53 and PND.3.  If there is no WHT in the selected transaction, TAP will skip this page and go to the “Print” page.

You can view and edit the withholding tax certificate by clicking on the payment reference. Then click the “Save” button when you finish, or the “Cancel” button if required.  If there is some information missing, you will need to add it in.  If you can’t see your supplier’s name, Tax ID, or address, that could mean you haven’t provided this information in Xero.


Check if everything is correct, then click the “Next” button if you would like to continue.  TAP will continue to the “Print” page.  You can print your document from this page.  Click the “Complete” button when you are finished.

Below is an example of how you create the transaction in Xero to work with TAP.


  • The transaction must be the ‘Spend money’ type only.
  • The item line for WHT has to be negative.
  • The item line for WHT must have one of the WHT accounts added in the TAP settings selected.