PV and WHT Certificates

You can check the progress of your work such as how many documents you have generated each month including what documents you have completed and when they were completed.

There are two actions that you can do here:


To view the processed PV and WHT certificates, first you need to select the document.  You can select and view more than one document at a time.

Click the “View” button.  You will see all the documents lined up for you to review.  You can choose to see either the English version of PV, the Thai version of PV, the English version of the WHT certificate, or the Thai version of the WHT certificate.

You can review and also reprint the document here. To reprint click “Print” in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Void is a function to remove the processed document.  If you review your document and find any mistakes, you can use Void to restart the process.

To void a document, you first have to select the document by ticking the checkbox against it (you can void multiple documents at once this way as well).  Once the documents you want to void have been selected click the “Void” button.

After clicking, you will see the confirmation popup.

If you click “Yes”, your selected documents will be deleted.

The documents generated from TAP will be removed from processed documents.  If the documents generated from the Purchases module are removed, the invoices that belonged to the documents will return to awaiting payment status in Xero and any attached payments will be removed.  You can create the documents again by going back to the Purchases module.

When you void the documents generated from the Bank Account module, the document will be deleted but it will not affect any transactions in Xero.