WHT Attachment

Each WHT certificate generated on TAP in a specific month will be automatically listed on the WHT Attachment screen as an attachment.

If you would like to add more manually, you can do so by clicking the “+Add Withholding Tax Attachment” button on the top of the screen.

Then the screen will expand.

You will have to provide the 13-digit Tax ID.  TAP will use the Tax ID you have provided to search information on Xero.  If there is a supplier whose Tax ID matches which your input, TAP will retrieve all the information of that supplier and display it in TAP.

Then select the paid date, Type of WHT, and fill in the Tax Base.  Tax will automatically calculate the WHT amount.

Each attachment can have up to 3 different WHT types.  You can add more by clicking the “Add” button.  Then the new line item will appear.

  When finish, click to save your record.

TAP will display and highlight the attachments which are added manually and highlighted in blue.

Click “Next” on the bottom right to move to the next screen.