Sale VAT

Sale VAT is collected by all sellers in each stage of the supply chain. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers all collect the value added tax on taxable sales. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end consumers all pay the VAT on their purchases.

1. Apart from upload data by user, the system can retrieve data from the accounting system by using data which have VAT on Sale assigned. And user can source data by year and month.

2. Select items which need to create document and click on “Next”.

3. The system will display selected items and users are able to update “Date”, “Tax invoice number” and are also able to remove the item which does not need to be in the document by clicking on “X”.

3.1 When users click on “Next”, the system will display a confirmation popup and a successful document will be created

3.2 When users click on “Save and Close”, the system will display the transaction screen again with the message “Data has been saved successfully” and highlighted items