VAT Form

This menu is used for creating the P.P 30 document. Users can select the outstanding items which they need to generate.

1. Select the item which needs to be generated – the P.P.30 document and select the submission type.

1.1 Manual is for the for the documents which needs to be submitted manually to the R.D. by print and the date is the 15th of every month.

1.2 Online is for the  documents which need to be submitted by the R.D application and the date is the 23rd of every month.

2. VAT summary will display all items which have been done on the Sale and Purchase VAT menu.

2.1 The opening balance will carry over from the previous month and users can adjust this manually.

3. Customise P.P.30 screen displays company information and calculates VAT automatically.

3.1 If users click on the “Save and Close” button, the system will generate a draft document

3.2 If users click on “Next”, the confirmation pop-up is displayed and a successful document will be created with Thai and English versions.

4. If users select P.P.30 type as “Online”, users can view a .txt file by clicking on the “Export” button for uploading to the R.D application. The .txt file will automatically download to the users local computer.

5. Users can print out the document by clicking the “Print” button and the system will display the print layout and settings.

6. When users click “finish”, the system will complete the P.P.30 document and all items related to the current P.P.30 will be removed. Users can check completed data on the processed document