VAT Import

VAT Import is a menu which user can upload outstanding sale vat and purchase vat. The system also provide excel file, user can easily download the template and all required fields are mentioned in the file.

1. Import from excel

1.1. User need to download the excel file from the system and fill data first

Excel file template

1.2. Users can upload the excel file to the system by clicking on the “Upload File” button, the system will then display the file selection popup. Users can select the file they need and then click the “Open” button on the popup window.

1.3. The system will display the list of imported items and users are able to delete them by clicking “X” on the remove column. The system will show the number of successful uploads and failed uploads on the bottom left.

1.4. Click the “Commit” button the system will then display the confirmation popup, click on “Yes” to submit items to Sale VAT or Purchase VAT.

2. Import from Xero

To import VAT from Xero, the first part will be the Sale VAT selection from Xero. Next, it will be the Purchase VAT select and then Import Confirmation. Please follow the instruction below :

2.1. Select the Sale VAT which user want to import to TAP then click “Next“. The system will redirect to Purchase VAT selection.


2.2. Select the Purchase which user want to import to TAP then click “Next“. The system will redirect to Import Confirmation which allow user to check the selected VAT.


2.3. In this confirmation page, user can see the red box field which mean that there is a missing data field in Xero, so user must fill the missing in the Xero and then import again. If there is no red box field, user can Commit or Remove (X) the selected VAT.