TAP Setting Wizard

The first time that you connect to your Xero organization, you will need to complete the setting wizard. TAP will automatically open the settings screen. You will need to complete each step and then save the settings.

The TAP setting wizard includes the following:

User and Company Profile

This section is to keep the information used for the withholding tax (WHT) certificate and the withholding return in Thai.

The fields highlighted in red are mandatory. You must enter the information in Thai.

Click “Next” when you have completed the form to move to the next section.  If you are unable to click “Next” make sure you have provided all the required information.


This section is for configuring the accounts you want use with TAP.

    • Withholding Tax Account – This account is the account that TAP will use for recording WHT when you make a payment through TAP. TAP will create one payment made to this account and update it to Xero. In the Bank Account module, TAP will search through the transaction to detect this WHT account.   If the WHT account is detected, TAP will know which line item is for WHT.

The dropdown list shows all the accounts you have in Xero which are enabled to allow payment on this account.

You can add more than one account and set up the default for the account that is for PND 53 and the account that is for PND3.

  • Non-Bank Account – If you have any non-bank accounts that your organization uses for payments, you can add them here.


Use this section to set up default payment methods.

The ‘Default bank account’ is the default account that will be set in the ‘Paid from’ drop-down when you are in the Purchases Module > Payment Voucher screen.

Default tax account will be used to support VAT which is not available on TAP yet.


You can select the language a document is displayed in.  The withholding tax certificate will always be in Thai and cannot be changed.

Advance configuration

If you would like TAP to populate the payment voucher reference and WHT number, you can set that up in this section.

The Historical Documents section lets you choose how long you want to keep documents in the system.