Tour of the menus, icons, dashboard and other tabs

This section will tell you how to use the menus, icons, dashboard and other tabs on the top and left-hand side in TAP. Your user role will determine the menus, icons and tabs available to you.


There are two menus to help you set up your organization on TAP; to access available features and to manage users.

Feature menu 


This menu is located on the left-hand side.  You can click to access the Dashboard, Sale feature, Purchase feature, Bank Account feature, Processed Document feature, WHT Returns feature and Settings.  You can also disconnect from the current organization.

Some of these features will have another level of menu under them (Submenu) such as when you click Purchases, you will see another two submenus expand – Bills and Draft Payment Vouchers.

Processed Document also has 2 submenus which are PV and WHT Certificates and WHT Returns

Settings has 5 sub-menus which are User Company Profile, Accounts, Payments, Languages, and Advance Configuration.

User menu

This menu is located on the top-right of the website and will show your username.  When you click on your name, the menu will display.


On the top right of the screen, next to the mail icon there is an icon to access the Subscriptions, Permissions and User modules.

Dashboard tab

Once TAP is set up you can view key information on the Dashboard tab.  The Dashboard provides summary of KPI’s in a graphical format.