TAP Dashboard

The dashboard displays your work progress on TAP as well as a summary of your accounts.  There are 4 sections that provide the access to 4 different features.

The first section is the graphic to display your working progress on TAP.  It will show you the number of the documents you have been processing this month.  When click in the bottom right corner, it will link you to Processed Documents.

Next is the WHT account section.  This section display the summary of the total amount of WHT of the current month.  This amount comes from the payment you have made on TAP only.  This section also provides the access to WHT returns when click.

The summary of your financials from Purchase module on Xero displays in the next section which is a Purchases section.  This information is only taken from invoices with awaiting payments status.  This section will link you to Purchase screen when click.

The last section is the Bank Account, the number of the Bank Account showing on this section depends on the number of Bank Account you have on Xero.  Each Bank Account section is showing

the summary of total amount of unreconciled transactions.  This section will link you to the Bank Account screen when click.