This is the Purchase module for Xero.  You can make a payment, generate payment vouchers (PV), and withholding tax certificates (WHT) within this module. There are two submenus in this module.


List of the invoices awaiting payment. These can be completed in TAP.  The payment voucher and withholding tax certificate will be generated after full payment has been made in TAP.

Draft Payment Vouchers 

List of payment vouchers (PV) that you have prepared but have no payment against them.


Please find more process as below link

  1. Bill
  2. Prepare Payment voucher Without WHT  and  With WHT
  3. Prepare WHT Certificate 
  4. Make payment Without WHT and With WHT
  5. Draft payment voucher
  6. Bank Account
  7. WHT Returns
  8. WHT attachment
  9. Customise WHT Returns