Prepare payment voucher (PV) without WHT

In this screen, you will see the payment voucher.  TAP automatically provides all the information for you.  You can edit or make any changes here.  After reviewing all the information here, there are 3 actions available:

  1. Make Payment

If the invoice doesn’t have WHT, you can click “Make Payment” to finish the process.  The payment will be made on Xero with the details you provide.  The status of the invoice will be updated to “Paid”.

  1. Print

If you are not ready to make a payment or if you need someone to review and approve your payment voucher, you can choose to print the payment voucher and send to an approver.

  1. Save and Close

If you are preparing the payment voucher in advance, you can click “Save and Close” to keep your work in the Draft Payment Vouchers.